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Roar Media Venture was founded on October, 2022 by Priyam Bhandari as a 360-degree media solution. In the past few months we are constantly building and expanding our service that can help the media industry to create and establish businesses, brands, shows, films that are both consumer-centric and profitable. We as an Organization foster collaborative thinking to further drive workplace innovation.

Strategize winning plan of action to keep ahead of the competition.

Capitalize on set of tasks, goals to identify a ballpark value.

Envisage a customer directed convergence.

Iterative approaches to corporate strategy.

Establish a customer centric and profitable business.


We, at Roar Media Ventures work extensively and effortlessly in different domains in the Indian media industry, empowering and assisting our clients with solutions that help them solve crucial business problems in the area of media strategy, production, marketing, legal advisory among others.

  • Advertisement

  • In-Film

  • Commercials

  • Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Product Launch
  • Fashion Events
  • Festivals
Digital Marketing
  • SEO

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Campaigns
In-Film Branding
  • Product Placement

  • Title Card Credits

  • Hyper Active Scene

  • Actor Testimonials

Influencer Marketing
  • Dream Team

  • Building Portfolio

  • Account Growth

  • Brand Exposure

Media Law Support
  • Contract Drafting

  • Advisory

  • Contract Negotiation

  • IP-law Support

Content Licensing
& Distribution
  • Internet Rights

  • Satellite Rights

  • Airbone Rights

  • Rights Management

Priyam Bhandari

Founder | Director

Confidence is often the key ingredient that she brings success to the table, and she is someone, who exudes this quality immensely and that inspires, the team, to push past obstacles and achieve the goals ahead!

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